Lucas Redfern Brooking



Roles: Art Direction, Design, Animation.

Year: 2016


Cole & Weber gave us a fun little script and lots of freedom to create a sweet 2D spot for Bridgespan. However, we faced a challenge... 


How do we make this spot feel just a little different to the multitude of flat, geometric character based spots out there? Our approach was to try and keep our design language just a little bit weird. 


We set up a bunch of rules around colour palette, the way we treated depth and the poses the characters should have. The hope was these rules would allow us to make something just a little left of centre.


Concept Art

Character Design


As a side note, I was pretty excited when the agency actually told us to make the hero a skateboarder. I'm usually trying to crowbar a skateboard into every spot we make, so it was nice when they told us to put as many skating references in as possible. Pretty sweet.


Character Design


Also here's my initial character designs from the super early stages of the project. 



Directed by


Creative Director

Gareth O'Brien

Executive Producer

Erica Ford

Art Director

Lucas Brooking


Lara Lee

Lucas Brooking


Mathijs Luijten

Lara Lee

Josh Edwards