Lucas Redfern Brooking

Costa: Project Guyana

Costa: Project Guyana

Roles: Art Direction, Design.

Year: 2014


This was probably one of my favourite projects I worked on during my time at Giant Ant.


It was the perfect combination of a great script, an awesome client who gave us unlimited freedom and an amazing team of animators to make the whole thing move. 


Many of the scenes were stitched together as if they were a giant tapestry. This made for a subtle, seamless story telling language, one which didn't rely on bombastic transitions.



Directed by

Giant Ant


Brant Cheetham

Creative Direction

Jay Grandin


Jay Grandin

Art Direction

Lucas Brooking


Lucas Brooking

Jay Grandin

Animation Direction

Jorge Canedo Estrada 



Jorge Canedo Estrada

Henrique Barone

Matt James

Shawn Hight

Nicholas Ferreira

Jay Grandin


Ryland Haggis

Sound FX

Cory Hawthorne 

VO Direction

Leah Nelson

Voice Talent

John Corbett