Lucas Redfern Brooking

Ted X

Ted X

Roles: Art Direction, Design.

Year: 2016


We were asked to create a little animation to help kick off the the 2016 Ted-X conference. The only rules were we had to bookend the spot with an 'X'. Great. We could kind of do what we liked.


Loosely outlined, our concept was to explore humankind's collaborative efforts in the context of a continuous zoom, from quark to quasar.


The screen this would be played on would be BIG. So we decided to capitalise on this and make something a little trippy that would hopefully melt some brains.  



Directed by


Creative Director

Gareth O'Brien

Executive Producer

Erica Ford

Art Director

Lucas Brooking


Lucas Brooking

Lara Lee


Mathijs Luijten

Lara Lee

Josh Edwards